IP Phones for Asterisk

Sangoma p-series IP Phones

The Right Phones for Your Asterisk Solution

Sangoma offers two lines of IP phones to fit the requirements of your custom communications solution. Sangoma IP phones are the perfect complement to your phone system and are designed exclusively for Asterisk by the principal sponsor and developer of the Asterisk project.

P-Series IP Phones

P-Series IP phones offer the tightest integration and easiest provisioning with Asterisk. The P-Series family of IP phones offers six models featuring plug-and-play deployment and native apps, such as Visual Voicemail, contacts directory, parking, call recordings, call queues and more.

To extend your solution, custom applications can be built with a simple JavaScript API to tailor your phones and Asterisk system to your specific business processes. 


Not sure which phone is right for you? 

IP Phones from the Company behind Asterisk

Sangoma is the sponsor and primary developer of the Asterisk project. Asterisk is the heartbeat of our company and the basis for our product and service ecosystem. Sangoma IP phones are built for use with Asterisk and Asterisk-based systems, making them an extension of our dedication to the Asterisk project. 

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