Jim Machi

VP of Marketing, Sangoma

Putting Some Numbers Behind the Unified Communications Value Proposition

Last week, I wrote a bit about the Unified Communications value proposition and the panel I was on at IT Expo. When preparing for that …

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[ITEXPO Panel] Using Unified Communications to Convert Wasted Time to Productive Work

Last Thursday, I was on a UC panel at ITEXPO. This was an interesting panel because it was about us as employees being bombarded by …

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Sangoma Announces Definitive Agreement to Purchase .e4

Sangoma today announced we have signed definitive agreements to purchase .e4, based in Traverse City, Michigan.  .e4 is Sangoma’s leading valued added distributor focused on …

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SIP Trunking

The Difference Between Retail and Wholesale SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is growing. According to the Eastern Management Group, the global SIP trunking market was approximately valued at $14.4 billion in 2018 and projected …

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Sangoma Products’ Support for Kari’s Law / Ray Baum’s Act and How We Can Help You (and your Customers) Comply

On Feb 16, 2020, the federal version of Kari’s law goes into effect. It’s a complex but important topic, and justifies a comprehensive treatment in …

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Still Selling Dialogic Boards and Gateways

I was walking through an airport towards the end of 2019 with my Sangoma backpack, and someone approached me and asked if I worked there. …

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Bringing Asterisk and APIdaze to TADHack Mini in Orlando

TADHack Mini will be in Orlando in about ten weeks, at the very end of March, the weekend before Enterprise Connect.  As per the TADHack …

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Communications Trends for 2020

People ask sometimes what’s going to happen in our industry in 2020. And I typically say “I don’t know” because I really don’t know. The …

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CPaaS and SIP Trunks

Why does it seem that CPaaS and SIP trunking goes together, like chocolate and peanut butter (or chocolate and anything!)? At first glance, these offerings …

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The Significance of Switchvox 7.3

A few weeks ago, Sangoma released Switchvox 7.3. In one way, it’s a typical point release like all software point releases as it brings the …

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Unified Communications Virtualization Benefits

Last week, I explored why virtualization is a possibility for a UC solution and why it may be a viable option for some businesses. This …

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The Virtualization Option for Unified Communications

Most of us understand the on-prem or cloud options when considering a new UC solution. But what about a virtualization option for on-prem solutions? That …

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The End of the Toshiba IP Business Phone System

It was only a matter of time before someone bought the division since it had a robust channel. And so a couple of months after that …

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Banner_Value Proposition

The UCaaS Value Proposition

As I’ve written about before, the drivers for buying UC phone systems typically revolve around efficiency improvement and productivity gains. These can be realized because …

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On Purchasing VoIP Innovations

As expected, I’ve had a few questions about why we purchased VoIP Innovations. One of the most obvious reasons is the addition of revenue (and …

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At AstriCon Now…

Hello Everyone – AstriCon 2019 has started! We have well over 300 people here that just packed the introductory remarks from Bill Wignall and the …

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How is Asterisk Different from FreePBX?

Astricon 2019 is next week. And while there will certainly be a lot of discussion about Asterisk, there will also be some discussion about FreePBX. And …

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business professionals shaking hands

What is the Impact of the RingCentral & Avaya Partnership?

I’ve had a few people ask me what does the RingCentral and Avaya partnership mean? I have to say, my first reaction was that the …

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The Importance of Customer Satisfaction with Your SIP Trunking Service

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a metric that is always important, and one that Sangoma tracks closely. Many businesses, like us, know that this is really …

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man walking while using mobile phone

The End of Voicemail?

The concept of the end of voicemail is not new and has been around for years. I read a blog recently about “the millennials” killing …

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city at night

So…about yesterday…

Yesterday, I wrote a blog called “Is it Possible to Outgrow an Open Source PBX?”. The blog was misconstrued with regards to how I stated …

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hands putting together puzzle and writing on chalkboard

Is it Possible to Outgrow an Open Source PBX?

An update to this blog post can be found here or at the bottom of this page. Many small businesses have started with an open …

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data center with blue and green lights

Why Getting Trained on What’s in your Data Center is Worthwhile

You just got a new communications product that’s either physically in your data center or in a data center someplace else servicing your business. You’re …

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Workplace Efficiency: How Unified Communications can Help

Workplace efficiency is a big theme these days. Just get more done in the same amount of time by working “smarter”. As though the way …

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I Went on Vacation (and No One Noticed)

It’s a good thing I think!  I mean, if you go on vacation and no one notices there are two potential reasons I can think …

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Industry Trends

You’re Still Using A Business Communication System at Work?

Back in April, I wrote a blog about using phones at work. There are many reasons I wrote it, but mostly they related to all …

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Industry Trends

What Does Sangoma Actually Say about UC?

Some readers of this blog ask me from time to time what I actually say when talking to press and analysts. Well, if you’ve been …

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Industry Trends

Data Traffic Trends and the (5G) Impact on Enterprise Communications

A couple of months ago, I spent some blog time going over the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, specifically talking about the coming impact …

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Unified Communications Systems and Contact Center Features

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about Unified Communication solutions including some contact center features like music on hold, callback when available, call …

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The Astonishing Sight of a Phone Bank!

Last week, I was in the Chicago airport. And amazingly enough, I was delayed. Just a shock really to be delayed at ORD on a …

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On-Prem Lives!

A few months ago, I spent some time looking at some data about the growth of Hosted/Cloud PBX. This week, I want to make a …

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Person drawing and upward trend in Sangoma profits

Internet Trends 2019 and the Impact on Enterprise Communications

This is the time of year I write about the Mary Meeker Internet Trends report, which is a key report covering many different internet related …

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Graphic Representation of IoT across the globe

IoT and UC in the Enterprise

I have not written about IoT in some time. Since I last wrote about it, there has been firming up of the standards. For instance, …

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Hands in the air, raising a thumbs up for Switchvox Cloud

Unified Communications and the Promise of Cloud

About nine months ago, IHS Markit and Sangoma presented a webinar titled UCaaS and the Small Business: Adoption and Implementation. I was recently checking something …

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A mass of people at CommunicAsia

CommunicAsia and the “New” Value Added Services

Last week I attended CommunicAsia, which has historically been the key enterprise and service provider communications event for greater Southeast Asia and the whole ASEAN …

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Data Traffic Trends and the (WiFi) Impact on Enterprise Communications

A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time in a blog going over the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, specifically talking about the …

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people standing at desk Mobility

Why Companies Still Use DECT Phones

The acronym DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. A DECT Phone is a cordless phone that connects to a phone network essentially via a …

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Notebook with writing on it, a pen, coffee mug and phone on a desk.

Top 5 Reasons for an On-Premise Phone System

There are many good reasons to put your Unified Communications phone system in the cloud.  For example: You don’t have to lay out the cost …

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chart Mobility

Data Traffic Trends and the (Video) Impact on Enterprise Communications

Every year, I take a look at Internet data traffic trends because these trends have huge impacts on the enterprise and, specifically, enterprise communications. (One …

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woman at computer with phone headset

Does Unified Communications Include Contact Center Features or Not?

Many small businesses want the modern phone system features they see at trade shows or on the Internet or wherever they happen to see them. …

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lightbulb over office space

Innovation Can Take Many Forms

A couple of months ago, I spoke at the Cloud Comms Summit in London on Innovation. Many companies in addition to Sangoma gave their innovation pitches. And …

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group of people holding cellphones Mobility

Value-Added Real-Time Communication Applications for Mobile Subscribers

Offering value-added services has always been a core part of the mobile service provider revenue strategy. Value-added services (VAS) have historically meant any kind of …

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group having a meeting

Why SMBs Need Unified Communications

Unified Communications is not just for larger companies “that have the money” to spend on it. It’s not a luxury anymore. With the way workplaces …

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open office space with staircase IP Phones

The Future of Office Space

I’m hearing more and more that the “future” office is really a shared communication workspace, shared with other workers from different companies, etc. Maybe that …

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Moving Cityscape Trade shows

What I Saw at Enterprise Connect

A few weeks ago, I attended Enterprise Connect. I hadn’t been there in 10 years. At my old job, as we drifted more towards the …

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man working at desk Customer Experience

Unified Communications and Improved Service Time

I’ve written multiple blogs in the past about how Unified Communications (UC) can improve workforce productivity, collaboration, etc. We even have an excellent white paper …

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person typing with chat bubbles

Quantifying the Productivity Improvement of Chat and Instant Messaging

Have you ever wondered just how much presence and instant messaging improve your productivity? Or maybe you wonder if it doesn’t improve at all because …

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office building at night IP Phones

Why Organizations Still Use Desk Phones

In this age of VoIP, it’s still surprising to some people that desk phones are still being used. Especially if you are a VoIP head, …

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Airplane flying over city

How Service Providers Enrich Enterprise Services with Value-Add

There are many ways service providers can enrich enterprise services with added value. One important way is providing cloud services. Even in this age when …

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hands holding pieces of a puzzle Mobility

Unified Communications and Improved Workforce Collaboration

63% of companies have employees that work from home or remotely at least part of the time. While this represents an opportunity for the employer …

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