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UC Value Proposition Table

As I’ve written about before, the drivers for buying UC phone systems typically revolve around efficiency improvement and productivity gains. These can be realized because with all the communications ‘unified’, there is less time lost trying to just connect with each other, track people down, and get info from other systems. In other words, different communications methods in one system enable a “best” way to get to someone when you need them.

A new Frost and Sullivan UCaaS report adds a few more value propositions to the mix. As seen from the table above, improving customer experience and satisfaction and launching new products and services are also important. The improving customer experience and satisfaction, to me, are about obtaining efficiencies – but from the customer point of view. For instance, when I call in to a call center, my phone number identifies me, and my call history can pop up. So while that saves the call center time, it also saves me time and makes me happier because I don’t have to report rote information. So it gets me to my reason for calling, quicker.

Launching new products and services is very interesting. In my opinion, this is just about the entire UC value prop. There are many elements of UC, and it’s doubtful a user, during the initial deployment, utilizes all of them from the get-go. We frequently see customers who like 1 or 2 elements of UC, and that’s why they buy it. Yet, over time, they really like other functions that weren’t part of the purchasing decision. And these other functions enable new services that they hadn’t thought of before. For instance, with mobility, your office phone number can ring on your smartphone. And since your smartphone is with you at all times, maybe you can offer expanded service support times and charge more for that.

To read the full Frost and Sullivan UCaaS report, please click here.

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