I Went on Vacation (and No One Noticed)

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It’s a good thing I think!  I mean, if you go on vacation and no one notices there are two potential reasons I can think of:

  • When you are at work, no one notices (this is not good BTW)
  • You stay connected enough so that you are responding to what you have to respond to, so people don’t notice you are out of the office

I chose to try and do the second one above, BUT, not use cellular.  Just stay on WiFi.   As readers of this blog know, I believe ubiquitous WiFi is coming (if not already here), so I wanted to test this on my vacation.  And contrary to some of you readers, I actually did go on a vacation and enjoyed it by just staying connected juuuuust enough….

So how was the WiFi in Ireland?  WiFi was at the hotel (not much of a surprise), the tour bus (sort of a surprise), and various pubs (definitely a surprise), bars and restaurants.  Since I took a tour of Ireland, obviously WiFi on the tour bus was key.  WiFi was even in some public places.  So I didn’t really need cellular service at all for emails, listening to voice mails, checking social media, instant messaging with some of my colleagues (those I wanted to), etc.  By the way, if you IM’d me that week on vacation and I didn’t get back to you, maybe that’s a different kind of ‘instant’ message I just sent.

At any rate, I saved that $10/day on the data plan.

However, I did have to make a bunch of phone calls.  And Unified Communications played a central role here.  The Sangoma Unified Communications mobile collaboration app, Zulu, enabled me, whether on my smartphone or my laptop, to make phone calls to and from my work number through WiFi.  Woohoo!

So while I wasn’t working all the time, I did enough to keep up so the people in Sangoma who didn’t know I was on vacation, didn’t really know I was on vacation.

It just highlights some of the benefits of UC, such as mobility from afar.  To take this to your business, maybe there are other uses for this:

  • Go on a business trip (and no one notices)
  • Work from home sometimes (and no one notices)
  • Find a lunch place that has WiFi and stay later to work (and no one notices)
  • Go on another vacation

And like that coffee cup from Game of Thrones, no one will notice…until it’s pointed out to them… GoT coffee cup

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