PBXact Appliances

PBXact Appliance Bundle

PBXact Hardware

PBXact hardware is purpose built to be a high-performance business phone system designed and rigorously tested for optimal performance. All Sangoma hardware carries a one year warranty with options to extend.

pbxact 25

PBXact 25

Supports up to 25 licensed extensions and 15 simultaneous calls.
PBXact 40 Appliance

PBXact 40

Supports up to 40 licensed extensions and 30 simultaneous calls.

pbxact 60

PBXact 60

Supports up to 60 licensed extensions and 40 simultaneous calls.

pbxact 75

PBXact 75

Supports up to 75 licensed extensions and 45 simultaneous calls.

pbxact 100

PBXact 100

Supports up to 100 licensed extensions and 60 simultaneous calls.

pbxact 400

PBXact 400

Supports up to 400 licensed extensions and 150 simultaneous calls.

FreePBX Phone System 1200

PBXact 1200

Supports up to 1200 licensed extensions and 350 simultaneous calls

PBXact 2000

PBXact 2000

Supports up to 2000 licensed extensions and 1500 simultaneous calls

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Connectivity Products


Every PBX system needs to connect to the PSTN with legacy T1/E1, analog and BRI lines or SIP trunks. Sangoma facilitates this with a full product range of:
  • VoIP Gateways
  • Session Border Controllers
  • Telecom Expansion Cards

SIP Trunking

Save money on your telephone bills! SIPStation from Sangoma is a SIP trunking service that is quickly and easily integrated and con gured into PBXact. Sign online directly from the PBX management GUI, order new DIDs or port existing DIDs. Start making calls in no time and enjoy unlimited SIP trunking with at monthly fee.

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