Desktop Integration for PBXact

Communicate & Collaborate More Effectively with Zulu Desktop

Zulu desktop delivers productivity and collaboration tools for PBXact and FreePBX through a single application which can be installed on most desktop and laptop computers.
Zulu Desktop is included with all PBXact Phone systems and is available for purchase for FreePBX.
Zulu UC by Sangoma - Product shot of Zulu UC on mobile and on laptop
Sangoma Connect Animation on Mobile Phone

See the Mobile iOS and Android app

Zulu Desktop Features

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Make voice and video calls using your office extension, while away from the office, while protecting personal device information.
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Call Pop
Ideal for CRM and help desk integration, Call Pop support through the desktop app automatically opens your desktop web browser on an inbound call with all the information of the caller, helping you provide better customer service.
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Presence & Status
Change your status to let your colleagues know your availability. Your status update across all your endpoint devices too, letting users know whether you can take a phone call.
Click to Call Icon

Click-to-Call allows users to instantly call any phone number that is seen on their web browser. Simply click on the phone number, and Zulu will initiate an outbound call via the desktop client or your desk phone.

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Team Chat
Fully-featured one-to-one and group chat enables users to communicate without having to start a phone call. The intuitive chat interface allows users to break off into phone call, fax, SMS, or transfer files.
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File Sharing

Collaborate more effectively by instantly sharing files with colleagues within the same interaction screen using the Zulu Desktop Client.

Video Calling
Multi-Party Video calling with Sangoma Meet integration is perfect for work-from-home users or anyone working in a remote environment.

Save time by instantly sharing your screen with your colleagues who you are already talking or chatting with on Zulu. 

Desktop and Mobile Clients

The Desktop App

Collaborate with colleagues and customers directly from your computer or mobile device

Desktop Client

Zulu UC walkthrough TN from YouTube

Communication for Today’s Flexible Work Force

Productivity happens wherever you are at any time of the day, not only when you are at the office between 9am and 5pm. Zulu makes sure that when you have that magic moment and need to collaborate or communicate, you are always connected by video, voice, and chat.

Interested in Zulu? Chat with a specialist to learn more!

Call Merging with Zulu by Sangoma

Need someone to join your active call to brainstorm or collaborate? Call Merging allows you to create an instant conference call by merging an incoming call with your active call. Add as many people as you need in order to get the job done quickly!


Video Calling

Feel more connected with colleagues by engaging in a 1-on-1 video call with another Zulu Desktop user. Switch between video and screen-sharing with a click of a button. The multitask view allows you to minimize and continue your video call and chat with other colleagues to collaborate more effectively on the topic at hand.
Video Calling with Zulu by Sangoma
Screenshot of Video Calling with Zulu UC by Sangoma


Collaborate more effectively by sharing your screen with another Zulu Desktop user, eliminating the need to launch a third party screen-sharing tool. Use the multitask view mode, allowing you to minimize and continue the screen-share and chat with other colleagues on the topic at hand.

Team Calls

Need to get on a quick call with your team? Team Calls lets you start an instant conference call, right from your chat room, which others can click to join. This is great for weekly calls too, when some/all of your colleagues are remote from your location.

Teams with ZULU UC by Sangoma showing a closeup of the JOIN functionality
File Transfer with Zulu by Sangoma

File Transfer

Need an immediate method to transfer a file or a picture to a colleague or chat group while the topic is still hot on your mind? File transfer lets Zulu Desktop users communicate more effectively with the ability drag-and-drop directly into the client.

End User Setup Made Simple

Get your employees setup with the Zulu Desktop app in seconds. Simply download and install the Desktop app then login with the user credentials. Or use the QR Code feature from within the end user UCP panel of PBXact.
ZULU UC with QR code displayed on both mobile and desktop versions
Wireless H20 headset next to a laptop showing ZULU UC

Pair Zulu with the Perfect Headset

The H20 is designed to work directly with the Zulu Softphone for PBXact, as well as Sangoma IP Phones Enjoy audio and video communication directly from your computer via a USB connection by pairing the Zulu Softphone with the Sangoma H20 wireless headset.
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