VoIP Security - Why Your Network Needs an SBC
A Sangoma Playbook

Find out more about the importance of securing your VoIP network.

VoIP networks are the standard for modern business communications, but they aren’t completely secure on their own. If you’re using VoIP for your business network, you also need a Session Border Controller (SBC) to mitigate the risk of threats from external attackers.
SBCs are the first line of defense between your networks and untrusted IP networks, using features such as intrusion detection and prevention, rate limiting, blacklisting, and advanced call control to keep your business communications secure.
Our playbook, Why Your Network Needs an SBC, covers the necessity for businesses to secure their networks, including:
Download the free playbook now to learn more about VoIP security, and how Sangoma SBCs can facilitate effective protection from threats, while providing business continuity, interoperability, and high quality of service.

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VoIP Security - Why Your Network Needs an SBC
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