PBXact - Customizable IP PBX

Based on FreePBX

PBXact - Powerful and Flexible IP PBX

PBXact is based on FreePBX and driven by the innovation of a very large community of developers who are committed to delivering the best features for every application. 

The PBXact phone system is designed for advanced deployments where the installation environment requires complex configuration and customization.  

 PBXact is commercially supported by Sangoma’s in-house support staff, and its software is tightly controlled by Sangoma engineers – ensuring customers with the best performance available.

Pbxact community

PBXact Features


PBXact includes most of the basic and enhanced featured designed for SMBs.  

Commercially Supported

PBXact is fully supported by Sangoma’s developers and support staff.


PBXact provides administrators and developers with access to the software in order to integrate with third party applications.


With PBXact, Sangoma IP phones automatically configure through Zero-Touch provisioning and built-in advanced phone applications. 

Flexible User Interface

PBXact utilizes a flexible web-based GUI, which prevents vendor-locking you into using proprietary endpoints. 

Add-on Features

PBXact is connected to a self-serve online store, allowing you to install enhancements as your business grows. 

Zulu - Desktop and Mobile Collaboration Client

The Zulu Desktop and Mobile Client are built into PBXact phone system,  delivering Unified Communications (UC) features to end users. 

Zulu enables features such as directory calling, team chat, visual voicemail, presence control, screen-pop, and click-to-call from web browsers. 

Explore the features and advantages of PBXact with our free infographic

PBXact Hardware

PBXact is available in various appliance platforms, which are certified by Sangoma quality assurance team to exceed performance demands. 

All Sangoma hardware carries a one year warranty with options to extend.

PBXact Software

If you already have your own hardware or want to install PBXact on a virtual machine, you can install PBXact Software. It is the exact same software used on PBXact appliances and comes with a 50 user license. 

If you need more users we offer user bundles to provide you with the best value.

Talk with our sales team and see if PBXact is the right fit for your business

PBXact Cloud

PBXact Cloud is designed for SMBs looking for a feature-rich phone service. With built-in productivity and collaboration features, PBXact Cloud is accessible from anywhere you are on any device you choose.

IP Phones

By combining the power of Sangoma IP phones with PBXact, you can take advantage of:

  • Zero Touch provisioning tools such as End Point Manager and Redirection Server
  • Access productivity features with support for PhoneApps, including hot desking, queue control, and voicemail notifications
  • A high level of security with built-in VPN
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