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Jim Machi

Jim Machi

Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Sangoma

UCaaS & the Concept of “One-stop-shopping” for Other Required Communications Services

Over the summer, I’ve written a few blogs about the Frost and Sullivan whitepaper called “Modern Cloud Communications Empower the Hybrid Workforce”. This will be my final blog about it. One other part of that whitepaper talked about Unified Communications and then about other communication services beyond just UC. Organizations …

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Connected devices through cloud network with Sangoma's Star2Star DaaS

4 Reasons Why Businesses Are Moving To Connected Workspaces

Digital transformation is creating significant changes in how businesses operate, as well as how partners sell into new markets. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) plays a significant part in this. Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of why businesses deploy DaaS and why it’s important for you to sell into this market. What Is DaaS All About? Simply put, DaaS takes the end-user desktop environment and turns it into a cloud-hosted service. Users log into their …

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Unified Communications in the Cloud

Learn the benefits of cloud services, including hosted UC, SIP trunking, and Fax over IP.

10 Things Organizations Should Look for in Cloud-based Mobile Access Control

In an earlier blog, we wrote about how cloud-based Mobile Access Control is disrupting the market at break-neck speed. Nowadays, savvy small and medium-sized businesses …

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How to Solve Remote Work Security Issues

In today’s business landscape, remote work has become an increasingly accepted practice. Whether initiated because of COVID-19 restrictions, employee-friendly policy or simple practicality, the fact …

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Desktop as a Service & Why Your Business Really Needs It

You know the scenario: remote work is increasingly becoming the plan of choice for today’s organization. For many, it was born out of the necessity …

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