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Call Distribution

 Without the right tools, outbound call campaigns, dispersing calls between sales and service teams, and call management can become difficult quickly. Traditionally, designing and implementing a contact center has been cost-prohibitive and difficult for all but the largest of businesses. 

By automating call flow and optimizing staff efficiency, businesses can focus on providing their clients with the best products and services possible – all without the burden of expensive add-ons and fees.

Advanced Call Queue Features

Switchvox allows businesses to provide superior customer service with advanced call queue features.

Queue Priority and Global Arrival Time ensure that customers are put in contact with an agent as quickly as possible by assigning certain callers to designated, prioritized queues that take into account arrival time.

Switchvox also offers Overflow Agent capabilities. This allows permitted users to set secondary agents or team members to handle calls when queues become too full. Callers can also take advantage of Queue Callback, where they can maintain their position in the queue without waiting on hold. 


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Call Queues

Enhance your customer service with powerful call queues built into all Switchvox systems. It’s easy to allow several employees, or many of them, to answer incoming phone calls to your main line, the sales number, or other phone numbers.

With visibility into call queues, permitted users can see who is handling calls and who is available to take calls, increasing productivity. Sales and service teams can also enhance office communication with chat, email, and more.

Deliver the perfect caller experience tailored to your business needs by using advanced features like Autofill, which serves multiple waiting queue calls to available agents at the same time, enabling quicker call handling and minimizing caller wait time.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVRs, often called auto attendants, help to present a consistent message while quickly sorting calls to their ideal destination. Users determine what greetings callers will hear, what options they have, and where their call gets routed. 

Switchvox IVRs are easy to create and maintain. With a simple point-and-click, native-language readable interface, users can create event- and timer-based alerting solutions with simplicity. 

IVR prompts can be as simple as “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support” or include more advanced steps, such as interacting with  a customer database to retrieve account balances or take payments over the phone.

Music On Hold

Control your on-hold messaging and tone with music and advertising messaging. Users can upload MP3 files to play the music and advertising messaging that best suits their business. 

With Switchvox, users can provide callers with estimated wait-time and wait-position announcements, keeping customers informed during their sales or support experience.

Switchvox also allows for Aux-In Music On Hold, so users can continue utilizing an external Music On Hold source. (Third-party device required. Available with on-premise and virtual Switchvox deployments).

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Agent Tools

Contact center agents require a different set of features than a receptionist or accountant. 

The Switchvox Switchboard is built with modular panels that can be moved, resized, or removed completely, giving each user the ability to customize their Switchboard. 


Unified Communications (UC) solutions often include a variety of contact center features that can help businesses offer exceptional customer service. Discover how your organization can take advantage of contact center features with cost-effective UC phone systems with our free playbook.

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