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Desktop Softphone displayed on a users laptop screen

Communication for Today’s Flexible Workforce

Productivity happens wherever you are, at any time of day.

  • Make phone calls using your extension, whether in or out of the office
  • Chat and SMS* with co-workers in private or in group settings for quick updates
  • Video Chat with remote colleagues and engage
  • Screen-share and improve collaboration
  • Communicate between workstation and mobile for maximum flexibility

*SMS requires Sangoma SIPStation SIP Trunking Service

The Desktop Softphone

Desktop Softphone Animation showing features

The Desktop Softphone

All the Productivity and Collaboration features, using only one tool.

  • Make/Receive phone calls, using your extension using local and/or remote network connectivity
  • Video chat one-to-one with other desktop softphone colleagues
  • Screen-share to collaborate with other desktop softphone colleagues
  • Chat one-to-one or in team groups, while on a call, video call or with Switchvox mobile users. (SMS is supported while using SIPStation SIP Trunking Service)
  • Presence status and control for efficient communication
  • Visual Voicemail for easy access to messages

Collaboration screen on Softphone

Collaborate​ More Effectively

Get your work done, no matter where you are.

  • Chat with your colleagues 1:1 or in group chat, whether you are in a meeting, or working remotely.
  • SMS Support lets you contact your clients using your extension, right from within the same tool you use to communicate with everyone.*SMS requires SIPStation SIP Trunking

Video Chat - one to one

Engage for a better Work Environment

Video Chat one-to-one over WebRTC for an exception experience

  • Video Chat one-to-one with colleagues using the Switchvox Desktop Softphone
  • While on an active video call, users can multitask by chatting with other colleagues at the same time
  • Switch to screen-sharing and video chat with a click of a button

Screen Sharing on Desktop Softphone

Screen-Share and Collaborate

When you just need to huddle together for learning, problem solving, and more.

  • Start a screen-sharing sessions with other Switchvox Desktop Users
  • While on an active video call, users can multitask by chatting with other colleagues at the same time
  • Switch to screen-sharing and video chat with a click of a button

Switchvox Mobile Softphone features tab
Switchvox softphone Favorites tab

The Mobile Device

The Switchvox Mobile Softphone and Chat App for the Win.

  • The Switchvox Mobile Softphone enables users to take their extension with them for maximum flexibility
  • Includes popular features such as conferencing, call recording favorites and presence control

Chat for Mobile

The Chat for Mobile app enables users to chat with colleagues using the Chat for Mobile app and the Switchvox Desktop Softphone

Chat for Mobile App - Chats tab with arrow indicating how to start a new chat
Chat for Mobile 1 to 1 chat displayed on screen

Softphone Mobile Apps

Mobile Softphone

Take your office with you using the iOS/Android mobile app. Make & receive calls using your office extension, access contact, control your presence.  

Download Mobile Softphone

Chat for Mobile

Collaborate more effectively and chat with other coworkers who are using the Chat for Mobile app as well as the Desktop Softphone. Supported on iOS and Android (coming soon) devices.

Download Chat for Mobile

Android App On - Google Play
Coming Soon!

Softphone - Advanced Call Control



Transfer to Voicemail

Transfer to Voicemail

Status Control

Status Control





Softphone Features

Call Control

Call Control

Powerful call control including: Conference, Transfer, and Record.


Control status directly from the softphone. This can also set to change how calls are handled and which voicemail greeting is played.



Access all contacts via the app, including Switchvox phonebooks, company directory, and personal contacts.

Support icon

Incoming Options

Enjoy multiple incoming call options including: Answer, Transfer, Ignore, and Send to voicemail.

Mobile Phone

SMS & Chat

Chat with colleagues or SMS (via SIPstation) your clients



If you can’t answer a call, you have several options to dismiss it: transfer, ignore, or send to voicemail.

Switchvox Cloud - Hosted
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