VoIP Cost Savings

How Much Can You Save with VoIP?

Lower Your Monthly Phone Bill

Lower Your Monthly Phone Bill

VoIP enables your business to combine voice and data all into one network, resulting in significant costing savings in your monthly phone bill. 

Instead of having to install landlines specifically for voice, companies can take advantage of their existing Internet connection. 

Additionally, VoIP virtually eliminates long distance costs because calls are placed over the Internet. This allows many businesses to enjoy one flat fee per month.

Reduce Your Phone System Maintenance Costs

Because VoIP is not restricted to landlines, making moves, adds, and changes (MACs) to your phone system is easy and inexpensive. 

Traditionally, adding a new user or updating an existing one required the help of a technician. With a VoIP phone system, administrators can easily create or change extensions in a matter of minutes. 

Eliminating service fees is a VoIP cost savings measure that can save businesses thousands on their yearly phone system maintenance costs.

Reduce Your Phone System Maintenance Costs

Eliminate CapEx with a Cloud-Based Solution​

Deploying a phone system can be expensive with all the associated capital expenditures. However, VoIP phone systems have the option to be deployed in the Cloud for a low monthly fee, eliminating the need for hardware and lowering the required upfront costs. 

Additionally, some hosted phone systems, such as Switchvox Cloud, allow you to rent IP phones so you can get up and running with zero capital expenses.


Combine Multiple Systems into One

With a UC solution like Switchvox, you can combine voice, video, instant messaging, email, fax, and more, reducing the number of independent tools and platforms your business needs to communicate. 

Not only does this approach reduce costs, but it is a good way to future-proof your investment to keep pace with technology.

Choose an All-Features-Included Pricing Model

When searching for a Unified Communications system, look for a solution that includes all features for one price. 

Many vendors try to nickel and dime advanced features or tack on additional fees, which can significantly cut into your VoIP cost savings and impact your total cost of ownership. 

Switchvox is an advanced UC solution that includes all features for every user for one low price, making it the best value available.

How Much Can You Save with Switchvox?

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