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Powerful Unified Communications for your firm, practice, or agency

Professional services firms face many challenges in today’s marketplace, but maintaining an effective communications system should not be one of them. Switchvox, Sangoma’s award-winning business phone system for professional services firms, gives your company the tools needed to be a competitive, client-centric business. With its robust feature set that includes mobility, call routing, and collaboration, your firm has the ability to be a competitive market leader, not only in client relationships and revenue, but also in employee satisfaction and new talent recruitment. Check out our guide and learn more about staying connected to your clients.

Modern Technology Modern Workers

Modern Technology for Modern Workers

As work environments are evolving, many people are no longer sitting at a desk in an office. Today, it is common for people to work from home or a remote location, and in order for a company to stay up-to-date with this growing trend, they must provide their employees with flexible work options – something a regular phone system could never deliver. With Switchvox UC solution, employees can work from virtually anywhere while using their desktop, laptop, or mobile phone to communicate seamlessly with clients and other employees.

Why Switchvox?

Clients are the number one priority for professional services firms, and a missed phone call could mean a missed revenue opportunity. Switchvox offers a reliable, affordable solution that keeps employees connected to clients.

“It has been a huge change for us but in a positive way,” says Hernandez, LAMP Community Outreach and Marketing Coordinator. “There are so many new features we are still learning, even after a year. Aside from the operational and structural benefits, Switchvox gives us organizational capabilities we never had before.”

Free Guide: Are you making the right impression with clients and prospects? See how Switchvox can help

Change the Way Your Firm Communicates​

Switchvox offers a full Unified Communications solution that connects employees and protects and boosts your firm’s reputation – all while saving you money. See how Switchvox can change the way your professional services firm communicates.

From the very first impression, a professional services firm is under the microscope for how they handle their customers. Ensure that your business is portraying a good image by connecting clients to the right people the first time and by delivering important customer information whenever they call through advanced CRM integration.

Sometimes, the best person for the job may not live in the same city as your office. With Switchvox, you instantly expand your talent pool from local to international. By using its web-based interface and mobile applications, you can provide your employees flexible work options that will attract top talent and keep them productive.

With Switchvox, your team can stay productive and connected outside the office with the Switchvox Softphone for iOS and Android.

Switchvox has been named the best value in UC by industry analysts, and we have the resume to prove it. With the combination of switching to VoIP and taking advantage of the all features included pricing model, Switchvox customers all over the world have experienced savings of up to 70% off their monthly telephone bill.

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