Serial Synchronous
Interface Cards

Whether you use the card to simplify routing and increase security using Sangoma’s WANPIPE® software; you need support for an X.25 link, a datascope, an SNA connection, or a broadcast satellite feed; or you have another unique application — Sangoma’s Synchronous Dual Serial products communicate mission-critical radar control and surveillance data, essential to modern air and sea communications.

This updated card boasts field upgradeable firmware, a choice of PCI or PCI Express interface, and two primary ports that have equal baud rates without the complexity of signaling jumpers.

The A142 and A144 Synchronous Dual Serial Cards are based on the same advanced engineering design as the award-winning AFT Product Line.

Trust the Sangoma® name to deliver optimum data support on standard telecommunications networks.

Key Features and Benefits


Two or four full-speed primary ports supporting either V.35/RS422/EIA530 or RS232 serial interfaces.


Power: 550 mA at +5 V.


High-speed connections: V.35/RS422/EIA530 to 8 Mbps per port. RS232 to 400 kbps per port.


PCI Versions are 32 bit (5 V) and 64 bit (3.3 V) compatible.


Now available in PCI or PCI Express.


Software configurable or by machine BIOS.

Datascope Features


All modem control lines are monitored.


Either monitoring only or simulation (transmit and receive).


Timestamps with a resolution of 100 microseconds or better to allow accurate sequencing of events.


Monitoring or simulation of ATM or HDLC at line speeds above 8 Mbps.


Supports Asynch to 256 kbps, and raw unformatted bit streams to 8 Mbps.


  • V.35, RS422 or EIA530, or RS232 supported on both primary ports
  • Clocking: Internally generated or external at line speeds to 8 Mbps
  • NRZ, NRZi, FM0, FM1, Manchester encoding
  • All ports are RS485 – capable of supporting multipoint lines
  • ATM
  • Frame Relay
  • X.25
  • HDLC
  • PPP
  • SS7
  • SDLC
  • Transparent bit-stream
  • IP/IPX over Frame Relay/PPP/HDLC/X.25
  • X.25 over Frame Relay (Annex G)
  • SNA over X.25
  • PPPoE
  • PPPoA
  • IP over ATM