SIP Trunking FAQ


  • SIP = signalling
  • RTP = media

More simply it is dial tone over the Internet.

The limitation is based on Internet bandwidth capacity and the number of channels ordered. Each non-compressed call uses approximately 85kbps of bandwidth. In most Internet connections your upload speed is normally your slower speed so when determining the number of calls your connection will support use your upload speed. If for example your upload speed on your Internet connection is 4Mbps, then the maximum number of calls would be 47 (4,000,000/85,000).

However, this is ideal and does not include any capacity for other Internet traffic such web browsing, email, etc…

Channelized service allows businesses a way to easily budget their telecom spending, if additional capacity is needed then more channels can be added.

The great news about a cloud service is that it is effectively available from anywhere. Contact Support at (920) 886-8130 and they can assist you with turning on the correct settings.

If your Internet connection fails, your SIP Trunk will be unable to process inbound or outbound calls. We encourage you to make our Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) feature part of your business continuity plan. RCF is a feature that allows your incoming calls to be redirected to working numbers, when the need arises. Contact Support for assistance at: (920) 886-8130.

Service Area

SIPStation SIP trunking is available in the US48 and Canada. Visit to sign up.

SIPStation SIP trunking is also available in the UK. Visit to sign up.

Yes. All extended area and international calls are billed at per minute rate, and rates will vary depending on area/country.

Supported Features

Yes. SIPStation supports inbound toll-free numbers. Toll-free service is available as a metered service only.

Yes. With FAXStation IP based faxing, you can send and receive faxes from a web interface or from your local fax machine with incredible reliability.

We include e911 services for one address, and you can add additional addresses as needed for systems spanning multiple locations.

This is necessary to provide emergency services. There can be multiple channels or numbers per SIP trunk, but only one E911 enabled number is required.

We do our best to accommodate all requests for specified area codes and prefixes. Sometimes this is not possible due to number availability. If you are unable to find the area code and/or prefix you need, please contact a Sangoma representative.

Yes. Caller ID and CNAM are supported on all incoming calls; however, the upstream carrier must provide this information in order for us to present it to you.

Yes. Caller ID is delivered on all outbound calls. CNAM is available upon request and is dependent upon local serving area.

SIPStation uses carriers to provide service for your numbers. SIPStation does not get involved with port out(s); that request is made by your new winning carrier to the carrier that hosts our numbers. Your new carrier should have a process similar to the SIPStation process.

Number Porting

You must have a SIPStation account in order to port your numbers to us. Please contact Sales to get started.

Sangoma can check their portability for you. Simply contact Sales and let them know which numbers you would like to have ported.

SIPStation uses hosted providers to port in the telephone numbers, and the rate center (or prefix) the phone number belongs to is not serviced by our carriers. However, if this specific number is not needed, we can assign a new, similar phone number to you under our service.

A completed Letter of Agency (LOA) is required by the carrier working with Sangoma. You can download your LOA here. After an order is placed for a number port, Sangoma will contact you to complete the LOA.

Yes, please provide the most recent bill from the current carrier.

Customers should expect to have their number porting completed within approximately 1 week of submitting their request. 

Ports can be expedited for an additional fee. Contact Sales for more information at (920) 886-8130.

No, Sangoma does not have the authorization to make any changes to existing accounts with other carriers.

All Sangoma incoming ports are completed by 7:00 pm EST.

You can request a port update through Customer Service (

If you experience any problems with your number, please contact technical support as soon as possible.

Disconnected numbers cannot be ported, so it is imperative to wait until Sangoma has ported all telephone numbers before you cancel the existing service. We recommend waiting at least two days after porting has been completed before you contact the losing provider. While canceling service, please ensure the losing provider will be removing the ported telephone numbers from its database.

SIPStation Services Account

Go to and login to your account. Then click on “Statements & Activity”.

Billing is based on your service activation date or the date you selected to be billed.

No, after billing starts there is not a way to change the billing date.

Sangoma does not provide paper invoices. Invoice notifications are emailed to your email address on file. This email notifies you that an invoice is now available. You can view and download invoices by logging into your portal at

Please contact Support at: (920) 886-8130.

Go to then log into your customer portal and click on “Billing”.

Service can be suspended or disconnected for the following reasons:

  • Non-payment
  • Fraud or misuse of service
  • Service termination

Please contact Support at: (920) 886-8130.

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